The Polyplacophora from seven French cruises in the western tropical Pacific (Philippines, Coral Sea and New Caledonia), during the years 1980-1986, are discussed. Altogether 17 samples of chitons contain 29 specimens, belonging to 11 species, 4 of which are new, viz. Notoplax richeri, N. richardi, N. rostellata and Ischnochiton (Stenosemus) perforatus. Two other species, hitherto only known from the Queensland coast, viz. Leptochiton (Parachiton) capricornicus (Iredale & Hull, 1925) and Callistochiton granifer Hull, 1923, were obtained in the Coral Sea (Capel Bank and Chesterfield-Bellona) at a depth of little more than 50 m.

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Piet Kaas. (1990). New species and further records of known species of Polyplacophora from the tropical western Pacific. Basteria, 54(4/6), 175–186.