Notes on Enidae, 4. Revision of the Greek species of the genera Ena, Zebrina, Napaeopsis and Turanena (Gastropoda Pulmonata: Pupilloidea) As a part of a revision of Greek land snails in general and the family Enidae in particular, a review of the Greek taxa of the genera Ena, Zebrina, Napaeopsis and Turanena is presented. Twenty (sub)species are treated and illustrated (one of Turkish origin only); four taxa are described as new to science. Rhabdoena is considered a subgenus of Zebrina. A type species is selected for Aschera; the type species of Napaeopsis is Buliminus merditanus and not Bulimus cefalonicus. The Caucasian Bulimus hohenackeri is not a representative of Napaeopsis; it is provisionally placed under Zebrina. An example of Hennig’s progression rule is found for three species of Zebrina (Rhabdoena). Lectotypes are selected for conemenosi [Ena], caesius [Zebrina], armenicus [Zebrina], ossicus [Napaeopsis], discolor [Napaeopsis] and carpathius [Turanena]. Notes are given on some erroneously reported taxa of the subfamily Eninae in Greece. Bulimus corneus Deshayes and Buliminus graecus appeared to be representatives of the Bulimulidae and not of the Enidae.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

Ruud A. Bank, & Henk P.M.G. Menkhorst. (1992). Notizen zur Familie Enidae, 4. Revision der griechischen Arten der Gattungen Ena, Zebrina, Napaeopsis und Turanena (Gastropoda Pulmonata: Pupilloidea). Basteria, 56(4/6), 105–158.