Two new species of Monachoides Gude & Woodward, M. kosovoensis and M. taraensis, are described from Kosovo and Crna Gora, Yugoslavia, on the basis of conchological and anatomical characters. The assignment of both species to the genus Monachoides is somewhat doubtful in view of the presence of a small second dart-sac in M. kosovoensis, and the atypical shell of M. taraensis. A lectotype shell of Monacha fallax Wagner, 1915, is designated and figured. An annotated checklist of all nominal hygromiid western Balkan species (sensu Schileyko, 1991, exclusive of the “Helicellinae”, and the genus Monacha Fitzinger s.l.) is provided.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

A.J. de Winter, & W.J.M. Maassen. (1992). Two new Hygromiidae from Crna Gora and Kosovo (Gastropoda Pulmonata), with a checklist of the hygromiid species described from the western Balkan. Basteria, 56(4/6), 173–192.