On some Vitrea species from Turkey, with the description of one new to science Vitrea ilgazdaglariensis sp. n. from Turkey is described. Vitrea cyprina (Westerlund) and Vitrea riedeliana Paget are recorded for the first time from Turkey. A second record for Vitrea ephesina Pinter from continental Asia Minor is mentioned. On the basis of a genitomorphological investigation Oxychilus? hattianus has to be classified with the genus Vitrea. Two probably new species of Vitrea from Turkey are mentioned.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

Eike Neubert, & Adolf Riedel. (1993). Über einige Vitrea-Arten (Gastropoda, Zonitidae) aus der Türkei nebst Beschreibung einer neuen Art. Basteria, 57(4/6), 155–160.