Dr. Fredrik Elisa Loosjes, internationally renowed specialist in the land snail family Clausiliidae, died on 25 July 1994. Born in Hilversum on 13 August 1913, he read biology at Amsterdam University in 1931-1937. He obtained his Ph.D. on a monograph of the Indo-Australian Clausiliidae in 1953 (still frequently consulted) at the same university. Although he had a distinguished career as a specialist in control measures and related, particularly environmental, problems, he devoted much of his spare time to the pulmonate family Clausiliidae. At the end of his working life he was Inspector of Environmental Health. He assembled a large, world-wide collection of shell material (now in the National Museum of Natural History, Leiden) and published more than 30 papers on the subject. The obituary lists his malacological papers and the new taxa described, frequently in collaboration with his wife, Mrs. A.C.W. Loosjes-van Bemmel.