Reexamination of shells recently reported from Gabon as Maizaniella (Spirulozania) lilliputiana (Morelet) suggests that these might instead belong to M. (S.) lukolelensis (Bequaert & Clench). Another sample from Gabon is tentatively attributed to M. (S.) chapini (Bequaert & Clench). The status of these closely related taxa is discussed. M. lukolelensis and M. chapini are provisionally added to the Gabonese fauna list, both species so far being only known from Zaïre. M. (S.) iterum Van Bruggen was found sympatrically with M. lukolelensis in Gabon, but occurred in wetter habitats. A new record of M. (M.) leonensis (Morelet) is given from Sierra Leone. The two shells are larger than the six known shells; in addition, both have a scalaroid body whorl, which might therefore be an adult shell character. Two samples of Maizaniella (Spirulozania), probably belonging to two different species, were found in Ghana, and are the first Ghanean records of this (sub)genus. The only adult shell seemed to belong to a new species, but is not formally described.

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A.J. de Winter. (1996). Miscellaneous notes on West African Maizaniella (Prosobranchia: Maizaniidae). Basteria, 59(4/6), 91–95.