Twelve names for South African pyramidellacean gastropod species require replacement on grounds of primary homonymy: Turbonilla jozinae nom. nov. for T. tenuis Turton, 1932, not Von Koenen, 1891; Pyrgiscus ninettae nom. nov. for Turbonilla helena Bartsch, 1915, not Semper, 1861; Pyrgiscus altenai nom. nov. for Turbonilla cancellata Turton, 1932, not Holmes, 1860; Pyrgulina scripta nom. nov. for Turbonilla sculpturata Turton, 1932, not Oliver, 1915; Odostomia barnardi nom. nov. for O. erecta Turton, 1932, not Odontostoma erectum Von Koenen, 1891; Odostomia dyma nom. nov. for O. didyma Turton, 1932, not Verrill & Bush, 1900; O. gittenbergeri nom. nov. for O. dulcis Turton, 1932, not Pilsbry & Johnson, 1917; Hinemoa crassella nom. nov. for Odostomia crassicostata Turton, 1932, not May, 1916; Chrysallida vanbruggeni nom. nov. for Odostomia ornata Turton, 1932, not Wood, 1872; Chrysallida africana nom. nov. for Odostomia formosa Turton, 1932, not Jeffreys, 1848; Evalea carinae nom. nov. for Odostomia io Turton, 1932, not Dall & Bartsch, 1909; and Pyrgulina durabilis nom. nov. for Odostomia robusta Sowerby, 1901, not Odontostomia robusta Hedley, 1899. In addition, there is one clear case of secondary homonymy that requires replacement: Pyrgulina sowerbyi nom. nov. for Odostomia pretiosa Turton, 1932, not Pyrgulina pretiosa Dautzenberg & Fischer, 1907. While other genus-group taxa are long known from South Africa, there is no previous African record of Hinemoa. Five names were previously offered as replacements. Each requires discussion. Three were introduced twice. Two were offered without adequate identification of the need for the name. These five names are Turbonilla secura Dall & Bartsch, 1906 = T. secura Bartsch, 1915 nom. nov. for T. obeliscus Gould, 1861; Odostomia tomlini Turton, 1933a = O. tomlini Turton, 1933b nom. nov. for O. obtusa Turton, 1932; Odostomia becki Turton, 1933a = O. becki Turton, 1933b nom. nov. for O. obeliscus Turton, 1932; Odostomia lavertinae Smith, 1901 nom. nov. for O. angasi Sowerby, 1892. The name Odostomia ornata H. & A. Adams, 1853, cannot be tied to any taxon. It is a nomen nudum and should not be used. Polyspirella Carpenter in Gould, 1861, is the only pyramidellacean genus-group taxon with a South African type species. We refer the following species to Polyspirella: P. trachealis (Gould, 1861) from Chemnitzia; P. aglaia (Bartsch, 1915) from Turbonilla (Cingulina); P. acutilirata (Sowerby, 1892) from Cingulina; P. pellucida (Sowerby, 1892) from Cioniscus and P. callista (Bartsch, 1915) from Turbonilla (Cingulina). In addition, P. pellucida (Sowerby, 1897 seems inseparable from the supposed subspecies P. p. affinis (Turton, 1932). Referring these species to Polyspirella creates five new combinations of generic and specific names. Five other new combinations are suggested: Pyrgulina whitechurchi (Turton, 1932), from Turbonilla; Pyrgiscus prolongatus (Turton, 1932) from Turbonilla; Hinemoa ficara (Bartsch, 1915) from Odostomia; Pyrgulina arfica (Bartsch, 1915) from Odostomia and Pyrgulina semiplicata (Turton, 1932) from Odostomia.

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Jacobus J. van Aartsen, & James X. Corgan. (1996). South African pyramidellacean gastropod names. Basteria, 60(4/6), 153–160.