Examining 134 pyramidellacean names introduced by Johannes Thiele (1860-1935) shows that 125 are free of major problems. Names for five Indonesian species are replaced: Pyrgiscus thielei is proposed for Turbonilla (Pyrgisculus) erna Thiele, 1925, not T. erna Bartsch, 1915; Pyrgulina bantama replaces P. pygmaea Thiele, 1925, not Actaeon pygmaea Grateloup, 1838; Tiberia navella is proposed for Pyramidella (Tiberia) umbilicata Thiele, 1925, not P. umbilicata Deshayes, 1861; Turbonilla magister is a new name for T. (Elusa) augusta Thiele, 1925, not T. augusta Deshayes, 1861; Turbonilla indonesiae takes the place of T. helena Thiele, 1925, not T. helena Semper, 1861, not T. helena Bartsch, 1915. From Australia, Turbonilla bayensis replaces T. planulata Thiele, 1930, not Chemnitzia planulata Gabb, 1864. From the Antarctic region, Odostomia kergueleae replaces O. peregrina Thiele, 1912, not O. peregrina Boettger, 1901. Finally, from deeper waters off East Africa, Puposyrnola dorotheae is proposed for Eulimella parvula Thiele, 1925, not E. parvula Bajarunas, 1910, and Tiberia analoga takes the place of Pyramidella (Tiberia) similis Thiele, 1929, not P. (T.) similis Boettger, 1901. While none of Thiele’s pyramidellacean generic names poses a problem, Euparthenia Thiele, 1929, has been interpreted inappropriately.

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Jacobus J. van Aartsen, & James X. Corgan. (1996). Thiele’s pyramidellacean gastropod names. Basteria, 60(4/6), 177–182.