The taxonomic and nomenclatural status of Oxychilus mortilleti (Pfeiffer, 1859) is revised. O. mortilleti is a medium-sized Oxychilus species which can only be distinguished from similar shelled, sympatric species [O. cellarius (Müller, 1774), O. draparnaudi (Beck, 1837), and O. adamii (Westerlund, 1886)], on the basis of the following anatomical characters: penis divided into proximal and distal parts by constriction (1), proximal penis about three times as long as distal penis (2), terminal, constricted part (‘bottle-neck’) of proximal penis long, slender, straight (occasionally slightly bent) (3), penis sheath covering almost entire distal penis (4). At present, O. mortilleti is only known from southern central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic and the Alps). In the Alps, confirmed records exist only for Ticino (Switzerland), Piedmont, Lombardy and Venetum (Italy).

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G. Manganelli, & F. Giusti. (1998). Oxychilus mortilleti (Pfeiffer, 1859): a redescription (Pulmonata, Zonitidae). Basteria, 61(4/6), 123–143.