Edmond Saurin created the names Chrysallidinae Saurin, 1958; Gingulininae Saurin, 1959; Eulimellinae Saurin, 1958; Menesthinae, Saurin, 1958; Odostomellinae Saurin, 1959; Pyrgulininae Saurin, 1959, Syrnolinae Saurin, 1958, and Tiberiinae Saurin, 1958. All these names are available. Within the Pyramidellacea he also created four genus-group names and 255 names for species. Six of his 267 names are replaced because they are preoccupied: Turbonilla inclinella nom. nov. for Chemnitzia obliqua Saurin, 1959, [not C. obliqua Laseron, 1959; not Turbonilla obliqua Degrange-Touzin, 1894]; T. normalis nom. nov. for Chemnitzia ambigua Saurin, 1961 [not T. ambigua Deshayes, 1861]; Turbonilla (Nisiturris) tumidula nom. nov. for Chemnitzia (N.) tumida Saurin, 1959 [not C. tumida Hörnes, 1855]; Odostomia (Jordaniella) sulcatella nom. nov. for O. (Jordanula) infrasulcata Saurin, 1959 [not Odontostomia (Syrnola) infrasulcata Tate, 1898]; Odostomia saurini nom. nov. for O. (Megastomia) elata Saurin, 1958 [not O. elata A. Adams, 1860b]; and Siogamia namensis nom. nov. for Odostomia (Siogamia) transiens Saurin, 1959 [not Odontostomia (Macrodontostomia) submichaelis transiens Sacco, 1892]. Saurin’s innovative work did much to shape modern concepts of the diversity of the pyramidellacean clade.