Tritonidea dentata Schepman, 1911, is characterized by the presence of a basal labral tooth and by a deeply recessed ridge bearing elongate denticles on the adaxial (inner) side of the outer lip. This central Indo-West Pacific species is here recognized as a Recent member of Preangeria Martin, 1921, a genus previously known only from the Miocene of southeast Asia. Taurasia Bellardi, 1882 (Muricidae: Rapaninae), in which species of Preangeria had been included by several earlier authors, differs from Preangeria by lacking a labral tooth and by having a lateral rather than terminal opercular nucleus. Comparisons with other genera suggest that Preangeria belongs to the buccinid subfamily Pisaniinae.

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Geerat J. Vermeij. (1998). The systematic position of Tritonidea dentata Schepman, 1911 (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia: Buccinidae). Basteria, 62(1/2), 25–34.