Three species of the family Cerithiopsidae new for the Miocene of Belgium are described and figured: Cerithiopsis (C.) vogeli A.W. Janssen, 1967, Cerithiopsis (s. l.) serrula R. Janssen, 1978, and Cerithiopsis (s. l.) dautzenbergi Glibert, 1949. Their stratigraphic and geographic distributions are discussed. Remarks are made about the genera and subgenera of the family Cerithiopsidae in the Cainozoic of Europe.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

R. Marquet. (1998). Three Cerithiopsis species, new for the Miocene of Belgium (Cerithiopsidae, Prosobranchia: Gastropoda). Basteria, 62(1/2), 35–41.