It is shown that Cyclodostomia Sacco, 1892, is a monotypic subgenus of Odostomia Fleming, 1813, with the only (type-) species Odostomia (Cyclodostomia) italiana Corgan & Van Aartsen, 1998. Marginodostomia Nomura, 1936, which has been considered as synonymous, is here shown to be a full genus and its contents critically evaluated. Species of Marginodostomia occur throughout the world from Paleocene to Recent. Fifteen species are referred to it.

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J.J. van Aartsen, & J.X. Corgan. (1999). Review of Cyclodostomia Sacco, 1892 and Marginodostomia Nomura, 1936, two taxa of the Pyramidellacea (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia). Basteria, 63(1/3), 61–68.