Denticulabrum gen. nov. is proposed for Fusus (Clavella) sangiranensis Martin, 1906 (type species) and F. javanus Martin, 1879, from the Miocene of Indonesia. This buccinid gastropod genus is characterized by the presence of a blunt labral tooth at the end of a spiral groove, and by a terminal, adapically extended varix. Denticulabrum may be closely related to Cominella Gray, 1850, and Tomlinia Peile, 1937, but differs from both in many details of shell morphology. Several fossil and living Indo-West Pacific buccinids in addition to Denticulabrum have evolved a labral tooth, whereas in tropical America only two species are known to have this feature.

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Geerat J. Vermeij. (1999). Denticulabrum, a new genus of buccinid gastropods (Gastropoda: Buccinidae) from the Neogene of Indonesia. Basteria, 63(4/6), 185–191.