Ditropis Blanford, 1869 (Gastropoda: Architaenioglossa: Cyclophoridae) is a junior homonym of Ditropis Kirschbaum, 1868 (Insecta: Heteroptera: Delphacidae). Ditropopsis E.A. Smith, 1897 is the oldest name among the subgenera of the gastropod genus and it is thus used instead of Ditropis sensu lato. A new replacement name Ditropiphorus nom. nov. is here given for Ditropis sensu stricto.

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Hiroshi Fukuda. (2000). A new replacement name for Ditropis Blanford, 1869 (non Kirschbaum, 1868) (Gastropoda, Architaenioglossa, Cyclophoridae). Basteria, 64(1/3), 1–2.