The specimens on which Gasull (1981) based his description of Trochoidea llopisi were restudied. This material was compared with that collected by the authors at the type locality. It turned out that the type material belongs to two species: Trochoidea geyeri (Soós, 1926) and Candidula camporroblensis (Fez, 1944). The lectotype, selected here, belongs to T. geyeri. Therefore, T llopisi has to be considered a junior synonym of T. geyeri.

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A. Martínez-Ortí, G. Faci, & F. Robles. (2000). Taxonomical revision of Trochoidea (Xerocrassa) llopisi Gasull, 1981 (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Hygromiidae, Geomitrinae), from the province of Castellón, Spain. Basteria, 64(1/3), 7–14.