In France the genus Alzoniella Giusti & Bodon, 1984, is represented with two subgenera, viz. its nominate subgenus and Navarriella subgen. nov. The nominate subgenus comprises six species, three of which are described as new, viz. A. (A.) haicabia spec. nov., A. (A.) junqua spec. nov. and A. (A.) provincialis spec. nov., next to A. (A.) navarrensis Boeters, 1999, A. (A.) perrisii (Dupuy, 1851) and A. (A.) pyrenaica (Boeters, 1983). The new subgenus is proposed for A. (Navarriella) elliptica (Paladilhe, 1874) only. A. (A.) perrisii (Dupuy, 1851) [Hydrobia], the first species of this genus that became known from France, is redefined and described here with two subspecies, viz. A. (A.) p. perrisii and A. (A.) p. irubensis subspec. nov.

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Hans D. Boeters. (2000). The genus Alzoniella Giusti & Bodon, 1984, in France. West European Hydrobiidae, 91 (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia). Basteria, 64(4/6), 151–163.