Anatomical study of specimens of the type species of Avenionia, Avenionia vayssieri Nicolas, 1882 (junior synonym of Paulia berenguieri Bourguignat, 1882, currently A. brevis berenguieri), from southern France, revealed characters different from those known in the available literature and prompted the redefinition of Avenionia. The other Avenionia species from France and nearby countries of central-western Europe are tentatively left in this genus, whereas taxa from Italy which were included in Avenionia on formerly available evidence will have to be assigned to another genus.

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Marco Bodon, Simone Cianfanelli, Giuseppe Manganelli, Henri Girardi, & Folco Giusti. (2000). The genus Avenionia Nicolas, 1882, redefined (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia, Hydrobiidae). Basteria, 64(4/6), 187–198.