Based on shell characters, Emarginula bonfittoi spec. nov. is described from the Mediterranean Sea. The new species was discovered in material collected on a the deep-sea coral bank located off-shore Latium (Central Tyrrhenian Sea). In the Mediterranean Sea, Emarginula multistriata Jeffreys, 1882, is the most similar congeneric bathyal species. The new species can be recognized by its shell outline and sculpture.

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CC BY-NC 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel")

Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

Carlo Smriglio, & Paolo Mariottini. (2001). Emarginula bonfittoi spec. nov. (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia, Fissurellidae), a new bathyal species from the Mediterranean Sea. Basteria, 65(4/6), 139–143.