Nienhuis (2003) recently published an article on French populations of Pseudunio auricularius (Spengler, 1793) (= Margaritifera auricularia). He apparently overlooked that Salaria fluviatilis Asso, 1801, the river blenny, and Acipenser baeri Brandt, 1869, the Siberian sturgeon, were already identified by Araujo, Bragado & Ramos (2001) as additional host species for the glochidia of M. auricularia, next to the Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser sturio L., 1758. More recently it has been proved that the Adriatic sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii Bonaparte, 1836), is yet another suitable host for successful metamorphosis of the glochidium of M. auricularia (Araujo, Quirós & Ramos, 2003).

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Rafael Araujo. (2004). Two overlooked host fish species of Margaritifera auricularia (Bivalvia, Unionoidea, Margaritiferidae). Basteria, 67(4/6), 113–113.