Opgedragen aan mijn oude vriend Hans Kuiper ter gelegenheid van zijn 90ste verjaardag: hij bracht mij de liefde voor de landslakken bij! The presence of a right basal process in the aperture of the shell of Gulella caryatis (Melvill & Ponsonby, 1898) var. diabensis Connolly, 1939, combined with more whorls at the same size and isolated occurrence in south-western Africa (Namibia), contributes to its proposed status as a separate taxon on the species level: Gulella diabensis.

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A.C. van Bruggen. (2004). Notes on the status of Gulella caryatis var. diabensis Connolly, 1939 (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Streptaxidae), a land snail from Namibia. Basteria, 68(4/6), 131–135.