The second part (of three) of this catalogue was published with an attractive blue cover similar to the one of part 1. The first 10 pages are devoted to additions (pp. v-viii) and corrections (p. ix) and 23 supplemental references (p. x) to the first volume. Many of the corrections concern changes in the endingacea to -oidea for superfamilies, as made mandatory in the 1999 issue of ICZN rulings. From page 381 onwards the systematic part is continued, following the Treatise of Invertebrate Paleontology (1969, 1971). In this part the families Lucinidae (pp. 381-435), Thyasiridae (pp. 435-439), Ungulinidae (pp. 439-444), Chamidae (pp. 444-454), Erycinidae (pp. 454-458), Kelliidae (pp. 458-461), Leptonidae (pp. 461-463), Montacutidae (pp. 463-466), Galeommatidae (pp. 466-467), Sportellidae (pp. 468-470), Carditidae (pp. 470-503), Astartidae (pp. 503-507), Crassatellidae (pp. 507-510), Cardiidae (pp. 510-642), Mactridae (pp. 642-674), Cardiliidae (pp. 674-675) and Mesodesmatidae (pp. 675-690) are treated in the same detail as far as synonymy and geographical/stratigraphical distribution are concerned.