The present paper records 11 taxa of Anomalodesmata (Poromyidae, Cuspidariidae, Verticordiidae) from Surinam and adjacent waters. One taxon (Cardiomya surinamensis) was previously known from the area, and two ( Cuspidaria luymesi and C. altenai) are new species. The total distribution of the taxa is outlined. Comparison with the Anomalodesmata of Saba Bank is made. Verticordia acuticostata is amphi-Atlantic, V. ornata is amphi-American. The material comprises 269 samples from 95 stations, and consists of 27 live-collected specimens and some 2000 detached valves. The scarcity of live specimens may be due to the turbid water and the movement of bottom sediment.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

Jørgen Knudsen. (2005). Anomalodesmata (Bivalvia) from the Surinam shelf, the Caribbean region. Basteria, 69(4/6), 121–144.