A medium-sized achatinid from Benguer[u]a Is. in the post-Pleistocene Bazaruto Archipelago off central Mozambique is identified as Cochlitoma churchilliana (M. & P., 1895) sensu lato, thereby considerably extending the range of this species (complex?) northward. Variation in apex, size, shape and colour of the shell of this complex is discussed in detail. Also included are first records for this island of various small species of land snails from leaf litter. Of these four, i.e. Nesopupa farquhari Pilsbry, 1917 (Vertiginidae), Trachycystis rivularis (Krauss, 1848) (Charopidae), Cecilioides pergracilis Connolly, 1939 (Ferussaciidae), and Curvella amicitiae Van Bruggen, 1968 (Subulinidae), are new records for the Mozambique list.

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A.C. van Bruggen. (2007). An interesting achatinid (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Achatinidae) and other land snails from Benguera Island off central Mozambique. Basteria, 71(4/6), 105–110.