This paper deals with the systematics of the Diplommatina species (Diplommatinidae) occurring in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Eighteen species are described as new to science, viz. Diplommatina beckmanni, D. bonensis, D. boucheti, D. burleyi, D. celebensis, D. conditioria, D. dumogaensis, D. isolata, D. kittelorum, D. mongondowensis, D. obliquestriata, D. pseudopolita, D. riedeli,, D. silanensis, D. supralemellata, D. tammesboltae, D. torajaensis, and D. vermeuleni. The unpublished designation of lectotypes for D. masarangensis and D. soputensis by the late Dr. L. Forcart (Basel) is validated by this publication.

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Wim J.M. Maassen. (2007). Notes on terrestrial molluscs of the island of Sulawesi. The genus Diplommatina (Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Diplommatinidae). Basteria, 71(4/6), 189–208.