Tucker Abott’s (1989) remark that the Madagascar giant prosobranch land snail Tropidophora cuvieriana (Petit) is extinct, is not correct, as evidenced by relatively recent (1969) records in the literature, and a snail collected alive in 1993. Also the range of distribution in this book in incorrect, and should read Northwest Madagascar instead of ’Northeast Madagascar’. Attention is drawn to a 19th century sample at the Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, Leiden from Nossi-Mitsiou. This confirms Crosse’s (1881) record from this island. The shells from this sample are considerably smaller than those recently collected at Ankarana on the mainland of Madagascar, and even smaller than the minimum dimensions given by Fischer-Piette (1949).

Correspondentieblad NMV

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

A.J. de Winter. (1995). Enkele opmerkingen over de prosobranchiate landslak Tropidophora cuvieriana (Petit) van Madagaskar: een correctie op Ticker Abbott’s (1989) ’Compendium of Landshells’. Correspondentieblad NMV, 286(1), 114–115.