A short review is given of the occurrence of three operculate landsnail-species in The Netherlands and Belgium: Pomatias elegans, Acicula fusca and Platyla polita. Only Pomatias can be considered as more or less common, occurring on several localities in the south of the Netherlands (province of Limburg) and widely spread throughout Belgium. In The Netherlands live-collected specimens of Acicula fusca are only known from one locality (Malensbos), although recent findings of (old) empty shells in ’Het Geuldal’ suggest a wider range. In Belgium living Acicula are collected at several localities. Living specimens of Platyla polita were untill recently only known from one locality in The Netherlands (Geulhem) an one locality in Belgium (Bévercé). In February 1995 the author discovered a second population in Belgium, near the famous Abbey of Orval (province of Luxembourg).