Margarita Island, north of Venezuela, is well-known for shell collecting. This book may be helpful to identify of the gastropods and bivalves which can be collected there. The following species are described as new to science: Nerita amplisulcata, Modulus nodosus, Strombus (Tricornis) magolecciai, Cyphoma roamoralesi, Cymatium etcheversi, Chicorea (Phyllonotus) vokesae, Fusinus frailensis, F. calvalhoriosi, F. martinezi, Olivella kifos, Crassispira (Crassispirella) jungi, Scapharca (S.) crassissima, S. (Cunearca) axelolssoni, Modiolus ficoides, Pteria attilatomasi, Isognomon vulselloides, Argopecten imitatoides, Pecten (Euvola) amusoides, Lopha gibsonsmithi, Tellina (Angulus) camachoi, Pitar bermudezi, Petricola (Rupellaria) inversa. Entodesma (Agriodesma) weisbordi and one new subspecies Tonna galea abbotti. All species are described but only some species are illustrated. The b/w photographs, however, are of very poor quality; details are often difficult to recognize. Apart of the shell descriptions the authors give information about the studied material, the distribution and observations. An index (to the genus names only) and a bibliography complete the book.