For the third year in succession, parts of the province of Groningen were surveyed for the presence of territorial Sparowhawks. Several new territories were located, but on average the number of pairs seemed rather stable with some local variations. Thirteen out of 31 nests were built in coniferous trees, the remaining in a wide variety of deciduous trees. Of 26 pairs, 20 were successful in raising chicks, i.e. 77% (compared to 62% in 2012 and 63% in 2013). Start of laying averaged 26 April (range 15 April-7 May, n=17). In 20 nests, the average number of fledgling amounted to 4.2 per nest: 2x 2, 3x 3, 8x 4, 3x 5, en 4x 6, with louseflies on chicks recorded in 7 out of 17 nests.