On 26 October 1984, a nest-building pair of Bonelli’s Eagles was observed just west of Birethanti (1037 m a.s.l.), 19 km WNW of Pokhara (28º14΄N, 85º38΄E) in Nepal. Between 8.15 h and 10.30 h local time, the female (as identified by larger size and darker underparts than male) made eight trips to collect dead branches from trees (6 trips to the same tree some 60 m away from the nest). Branches were snapped from the tree by jumping up and pulling with the peak, or by dropping down with outstretched talons. All branches were transported to the nest in the feet. The nest was built in the upper part of a lofty deciduous tree on a slope. All nest-building activities were performed by the female; the male perched above the nest where it watched, preened and scratched the head.