On 23 December 2013, a second-year Eurasian Hobby was captured some 80 km south of Karibib (22º32΄S, 15º33΄E) in central Namibia. This was the second capture for Namibia, and the eighth for southern Africa. Measurements taken did not allow sexing (biometrics overlapped those of males and females). Heavy rainfall during previous days resulted in high numbers of alate termites and dragonflies (notably Pantala flavescens and some Anax imperator), attracting Swifts Apus apus, some Bradfield’s Swifts A. bradfieldi and dozens of Yellow-billed Kites Milvus migrans parasitus. Apparently, the Hobby (or Hobbies, as two small dark unidentified falcons were recorded on 22 December) were also attracted by the temporary food bonanza. The intercontinental migrations of Pantala flavescens are described, including the crossing of the Indian Ocean.