Previous observations in 2012 and 2013 on behaviour of fledgling Hobbies breeding in Binnenveld, central Netherlands, suggested that young fledged from nests in trees dispersed farther and earlier than young fledged from a nest in an electricity pylon. However, observations in 2014 showed wide-ranging dispersal of pylon-bred young more than two weeks after fledging. On 26 August, the young were 1030 m away from the nest site from which they had fledged on 10 August (occasionally at much smaller distances). From 31 August - 19 September, the young resided 1.5-2.0 km away from the nest site, in an area rich in dragonflies. Apparently, dispersal distances are dependent on local food conditions. In general young Hobbies never dispersed further than 371 m away from the nest (mean 124 m) in the first week after fledging, and less than 640 m (mean 321 m) within two weeks after fledging.