A new Tudora species (Gastropoda, Hypsogastropoda, Annulariidae) is described from the Península de Paraguaná, Estado de Falcón, Venezuela. In shell morphology the new species resembles Tudora megacheilos from Aruba and Curaçao. It can be separated by the considerably smaller apical angle and more turrriform shape of the shell. It is tentatively regarded as subfossil. This is the first record of Tudora from the mainland of South America.


CC BY-NC 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel")

Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

Adriaan Hovestadt. (2016). A new Tudora (Gastropoda, Hypsogastropoda, Annulariidae) from Península de Paraguaná, Venezuela. Basteria, 80(4/6), 149–151.