A recent find of Phlyctis agelaea in the Netherlands, on an ash tree in the Biesbosch In February 2016 Phlyctis agelaea was found in the Biesbosch National Park, a freshwater tidal area in the western part of the Netherlands. In the nineteenth century in our country this species had been found at thirteen locations, but it was thought to be extinct. After 1904 it was only reported once, in 2009 on a cut down tree. A single thallus of P. agelaea of approximately four centimetres diameter was found on the base of an ash tree in a mixed plantation, accompanied by bryophytes such as Leskea polycarpa, Pylaisia polyantha, Cryphaea heteromalla, Radula complanata, Metzgeria furcata and Frullania dilatata. Phlyctis agelaea may be another predominantly southern epiphyte that benefits from decades of milder winters in the Netherlands.