An annotated check-list of the marine Mollusca of the Bay of Algeciras, mainly based on shells washed ashore at or near Getares (S. of Algeciras) and collected by the first two authors, is presented. Apart from references to illustrations in the literature, many original figures are given for the less well-known species. Additional data from the literature are mentioned. Some zoogeographical notes are presented. Jn addition to the main text there are general notes on the genus Mitrella (Gastropoda, Proso- branchia, Buccinacea), on the family Marginellidae (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia, Volutacea), and on the family Turridae (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia, Conacea). The following new species names are introduced for Gastropoda, Prosobranchia: Alvania altenai spec. nov. and Hydrobia joossei spec. nov. (Rissoacea); Ac/is verduini nom. nov. (Eulimacea); Mitrella bruggeni spec. nov. (Buccinacea); Gibberula jansseni spec. nov. and Cypraeolina vanhareni spec. nov. (Volutacea); Mitrolumna wilhelminae spec. nov. (Conacea). One new name is given in the Bivalvia, Heterodonta : Parvicardium vroomi nom. nov. (Cardiacea).

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

J.J. van Aartsen, H.P.M.G. Menkhorst, & E. Gittenberger. (1984). The marine Mollusca of the Bay of Algeciras, Spain, with general notes on Mitrella, Marginellidae and Turridae. Basteria, 2, 3–134.