Hobbies in Dutch towns and cities usually breed in disused nests of Carrion Crows Corvus corone in poplars. Many older trees are now being cut down, to prevent possible damage. The loss of old crow’s nests is ‘compensated’ by providing artificial nests. In The Hague, baskets were placed (12 in 2015-17) in poplars, none of which – so far – have been used by Hobbies. In Leiden, where three artificial nests were more natural-looking, one such nest has been used in 2016 (successful) and in 2017 (outcome not yet known). Two artificial nests in Zoetermeer, placed in 2016, have not been used. It seems that Hobbies prefer disused crow’s nests, unless unavailable or still active at the time that Hobbies start egg laying (early June).