After three years at Imperial College, presumably when his funding ran out, he put his research topic on the back burner and joined Paleoservices Ltd, a geological consulting company. Over the next few years both Chris and Tony became increasingly distant from the TRG. This was partly due to pressure of work and partly despite the initial lofty ideals of being a ‘Research Group’; all most members wanted to do was to collect fossils. It was probably the founding of the journal Tertiary Research in 1976, that brought back Chris into the fold [5, 6, 41]. Chris worked at Paleoservices and its successor Paleo Services until 1992. During all of this time Professor Dick Moody kept his PhD registration open (more than 21 years) and had his faith rewarded in 1991 when Chris presented his thesis ‘The Stratigraphy of the London Clay in the Hampshire Basin’ [29]. Unfortunately, this was never published as Chris was concerned about the quality of the photomicrographs.