Plesiothyreus pliocenicus (Chirli, 2004) is added to the list of gastropods known from the Pliocene of the Estepona Basin. The presence of Plesiothyreus sp. from the Miocene of Winterswijk, Miste, The Netherlands is recorded for the first time. Phenacolepas Pilsbry, 1891 is considered a junior subjective synonym of Plesiothyreus Cossmann, 1888.

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Cainozoic research

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Bernard M. Landau, & André Jansen. (2015). Additions to the gastropod fauna of the Pliocene of Estepona, southwestern Spain, 3. The genus Plesiothyreus Cossmann, 1888 (Phenacolepadidae), with a note on its presence in the Middle Miocene of Winterwijk, Miste, The Netherlands. Cainozoic research, 15(1-2), 123–126.