Systematics of the gastropod species belonging to the subclasses Vetigastropoda, occuliniformia and Caenogastropoda to the Eulimoidea are described. Specimens were collected in recent surveys by the author and non-professional collectors by processing bulk sampling of the various septarian levels. Twenty-one species were encountered. One species, mentioned by Glibert (1957), was not found during the present survey. Thirteen species had not been found previously in the Boom Clay Formation and seven of these are introduced as new herein: Moelleriopsis krylovi nov. sp., Cocculina (C.) reineckei nov. sp., Cochlis deborgeri nov. sp., Alvania (Arsenia) goolaertsi nov. sp., Alvania (Arsenia) vanremoorteli nov. sp., Vermetus dufraigni nov. sp. and Niso (N.) leenaertsi nov. sp. The distribution of the species over the investigated septarian levels is summarised in a table. The remaining gastropod groups will be dealt with in a forthcoming paper.

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Cainozoic research

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R. Marquet. (2016). A revision of the gastropod fauna of the Boom Clay Formation (Rupelian, Early Oligocene) in Belgium, 1. Vetigastropoda and Caenogastropoda to Eulimoidea. Cainozoic research, 16(1), 13–33.