Since 2007, the tower of the Lange Jan abbey in Middelburg has been used on and off by Peregrine Falcons, with breeding attempts from 2010 onwards. The nesting attempt in 2017 failed during the egg stage. Prey remains were collected throughout the year in 2017, resulting in a prey collection of 232 birds (in 26 species). Pigeons (27%, of which at least 33% racing pigeons Columba livia) and thrushes (26%) were most numerous, followed by waders (23%), Starling Sturnus vulgaris (8%) and Jackdaw Coleus monedula (8%). In terms of biomass, pigeons were responsible for 50% of the food intake (although it is likely that larger prey are under-recorded, i.e. not transported from the site of capture to the tower), followed by waders (18%), thrushes (14%), Jackdaw (12%) and Starling (8%).