In this final paper reviewing the Zanclean lower Pliocene assemblage of Le Pigeon Blanc, Loire-Atlantique department, France, which we consider the ‘type’ locality for Assemblage III of Van Dingenen et al. (2015), we cover the Conoidea and the Heterobranchia. Fifty-nine species are recorded, of which 14 are new: Asthenotoma lanceolata nov. sp., Aphanitoma marqueti nov. sp., Clathurella pierreaimei nov. sp., Clavatula helwerdae nov. sp., Haedropleura fratemcontii nov. sp., Bela falbalae nov. sp., Raphitoma georgesi nov. sp., Raphitoma landreauensis nov. sp., Raphitoma palumbina nov. sp., Raphitoma turtaudierei nov. sp., Raphitoma vercingetorixi nov. sp., Raphitoma pseudoconcinna nov. sp., Adelphotectonica bieleri nov. sp., and Ondina asterixi nov. sp. One new name is erected: Genota maximei nov. nom. is proposed for Pleurotoma insignis Millet, non Edwards, 1861. Actaeonidea achatina Sacco, 1896 is considered a junior subjective synonym of Rictaxis tornatus (Millet, 1854). The data presented here concur with that discussed in previous parts of this monograph, suggesting that average Sea Surface Temperatures off the NW French coast in the Zanclean early Pliocene may have been higher than they are at these latitudes today, possibly similar to those found today off the southern Portuguese coasts.

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Cainozoic Research

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Luc Ceulemans, Frank van Dingenen, & Bernard M. Landau. (2018). The lower Pliocene gastropods of Le Pigeon Blanc (Loire-Atlantique, northwest France). Part 5* – Neogastropoda (Conoidea) and Heterobranchia ( fine). Cainozoic Research, 18(2), 89–176.