In 2018, 14 breeding sites in wetlands and lake and river districts in The Netherlands were occupied by White-tailed Eagle pairs. At least 11 out of 14 pairs produced a clutch (at three new settlements, pairs refrained from egg-laying). Nine out of eleven pairs were successful, raising a total of 15 fledglings. All breeding sites are located in large nature reserves with restricted human access.

Haliaeetus albicilla
De Takkeling

CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Werkgroep Roofvogels Nederland

S. van Rijn, A. van den Berg, P. de Boer, J. Dekker, S. Deuzeman, D. van Straalen, & R. Kleefstra. (2019). Broedende Zeearenden Haliaeetus albicilla in Nederland in 2018. De Takkeling, 27(1), 59–62.