In the nature reserve De Onlanden (3000 ha) southwest of the city of Groningen, cameras have been used to capture bird life, two of which were trained at posts often used by raptors. Of Kestrels, 125 preys have been recorded on camera, mostly voles Microtus sp. (81x) and Harvest Mice Micromys minutus (34x), with smaller numbers of birds (among which 5x Meadow Pipits Anthus pratensis en 2x Reed Buntings Emberiza schoeniclus) and one locust (presumably Tettigonia viridissima). Between 31 August and 22 November 2018, six catching attempts of an adult female Kestrel were recorded, with the prey eventually left behind on the post. On average three hours later, the prey was retrieved and eaten by the female (range 2.50-4.30 h, n=5). Despite the presence of Carrion Crows Corvus corone and Buzzard Buteo buteo, and the prey in plain view, no attempts at stealing were registered except for once successfully by an adult male Kestrel (partner of the female). On the posts, four copulations of Kestrels were recorded, on 29 March (probably a real pre-breeding copulation) and on 2, 26 and 29 September 2018 (probably without cloacal contact).