In 2019, 13 breeding pairs of Red Kites were located in The Netherlands, of which 12 nests were found. Of these 12 pairs, 10 were successful and 2 pairs did not commence breeding. Half of the pairs built a new nest; the other pairs used an old Buzzard nest Buteo buteo. Number of chicks per pair was: 2x 0, 1x 2, 7x 3 and 2x 4, i.e. 2.6 fledglings per pair and 3.1 fledglings per successful pair. Start of laying ranged from 27 March through 16 April, and averaged 6 April. Breeding success did not differ between regions, nor between early and later pairs. Start of laying has advanced since 2015, an indication of increasing age of breeding birds (in combination with high food supply in 2019).