The Dutch population of Red Kites is on the increase, albeit slowly. In order to understand the population dynamics of this small population in the fringe of its European distribution, ten juvenile Red Kites from four nests across the country were colour-ringed and equipped with a GPS sender. Departure dates of fledglings from natal sites varied between 17 July and 20 August, mostly when 74-80 days old (but some at a later age). After leaving the nest site, most birds immediately embarked upon long-distance dispersal into NW-Germany, Belgium and northern France. One of the birds was fatally wounded after collision with a wind turbine in nearby Germany, on its first long-distance flight from the nest (30 July 2019). Another bird died on 1 September 2019 near Osnabrück (Germany), and although the cause of death is not yet known, the bird was emaciated at the time of death.