Pot A. 2013. Pine Marten Martes martes predation of nestling Ravens Corvus corax. Drentse Vogels 27: . After Ravens colonised the northern Netherlands in 2003, the species has gradually extended its range, reaching the Forestry of Veenhuizen in 2012 (raising three chicks). Its nest in a Douglas Fir fell down, however, and ‘the’ pair built a new nest some 300 m away from the 2012-site, again in a Douglas Fir, in 2013. This nest contained three chicks. On 24 April, freshly plucked Raven chicks were found underneath the nesting tree, but the nest still contained a single young of 33 days old (maximum wing chord 250 mm, body mass 1000 g). In a Larch next to the nesting tree, a depredated Raven chick was seen stashed away in a fork (maximum wing chord 268 mm, i.e. 35 days old), and a Pine Marten watched the antics at the Raven nest from a higher vantage point in the same Larch. Surprisingly, on 9 May the remaining chick on the nest fledged, although the pair nor the fledgling were recorded afterwards.