Dijk A.J. van 2013. Mapping breeding birds in August. Drentse Vogels 27: . In 2012 breeding birds were censused on Doldersummerveld, a heathland in the northern part of the Netherlands. Additionally, during a vegetation survey in August, all birds showing breeding behaviour were again recorded in addition to the regular survey in March-July. In August ten species showed breeding behaviour 37 times (Table 1), representing 7.8% of the total population of 476 breeding pairs. Taking the full observation period of March-August into account, particularly Stonechat (8 territories with possible 3rd broods, 24 territories wih possible 2nd broods) and Meadow Pipit (resp. 1 and 13 territories) were actively involved in reproduction. However, determining 2nd or 3rd broods only on the basis of territorial observations is insufficiently reliable.