A survey carried out of a storage yard of stones for reinforcement of the Waddensea-dike revealed the presence of 16 different mollusk species (13 snails and 3 slugs). All turned out to be species already known from Terschelling. However, at least Oxychilus alliarius seems to have arrived at the site by means of import of stones from either the mainland of the Netherlands (fabricated stones) or abroad (natural stone). The humidity among the stones is rather high which is demonstrated by the presence of the amphibian aquatic species Galba truncatula.

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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging

H.K. Mienis. (2015). De landslakken van het dijkmagazijn aan de binnenzijde van de Waddenzeedijk ten oosten van Stryp op Terschelling. Spirula, 402, 35–36.