This is the first issue of a new journal, jointly issued by The Seabird Group and the Nederlandse Zeevogelgroep (Dutch Seabird Group) and which is the continuance of their respective journals, SEABIRD (1969-1998, 20 volumes) and SULA (1987-1998, 12 volumes). SEABIRD was published annually and all papers were peer reviewed. SULA was published quarterly and while most full papers, especially in later years, were refereed, most of the short notes were checked and edited only by the editorial board. SULA served primarily as an accessible publication platform for the largely amateur membership of the Dutch group. With ATLANTIC SEABIRDS we aim at the continuing and consolidating the strengths of both journals: a peer reviewed, quarterly journal, that aims to meet the requirements and expectations of not only the professional ornithologist, but also the large group of amateur seabirders on either side of the North Sea. ATLANTIC SEABIRDS will publish papers and short communications on any aspect of seabird biology. The geographical focus of the journal is the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas at all latitudes, but contributions are also welcome from other parts of the world provided they are of general interest. ATLANTIC SEABIRDS is indexed in the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries abstracts, Ecology Abstracts and Animal Behaviour Abstracts of Cambridge Scientific databases and journals.