The nest-site characteristics of Common Terns Sterna hirundo and Arctic Terns S. paradisaea were examined at a mixed colony at Coquet Island, north-east England. All Common Terns and the majority of Arctic Terns nested within areas of short grass enclosed by swards of much taller and dense vegetation. The majority of these nesting areas had been artificially managed to attract nesting terns. A fifth of all Arctic Tern pairs nested on sandy and shingle beaches. Within vegetated nesting areas, Arctic Terns nested less densely, in larger open areas and in shorter vegetation than did Common Terns. Neither species showed preferences for the types of plants amongst which to nest.

Atlantic seabirds

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James A. Robinson, Lorraine S. Chivers, & Keith C. Hamer. (2001). A comparison of Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea and Common Tern S. hirundo nest-site characteristics on Coquet Island, north-east England. Atlantic seabirds, 3(2), 49–58.